Thursday, April 23, 2009

Portfolio Pix

Here are just a couple of portfolio pieces I took as a student at the Art Institute of Colorado. 


  1. oh how I love the barber shop shot!!!!!!!!

    Maybe I'll pick this one up too after it comes off the wall at the end of the quarter, but this time I won't tell you I have a print and I'll keep it for myself forever! HAHAHAHAAHA!.

    Kidding, I'll totally grab it for you at the end of the quarter.

    Wish I could have hung out with you longer the other day, but I guess the life of a professional photographer is pretty busy eh?


  2. professional photographer, haha! busy, yes! getting paid, kinda! getting experience, yes! am i complaining, not sure!!!! haha!

    hey, finders keepers, if the barbershop is in the mount room at the end of the quarter it is yours! i'm sure i have like 500 hundred test prints anyway!

    we will have to hang out soon. i'm not very good at organising stuff but i am sure b/w u, sam & i we can figure something out!

    mel xx