Sunday, December 6, 2009

Photo-shoot featuring Lawrence Covell Clothing

The December Issue of 303 Magazine is by far the best this year. The quality of the photography and the content is excellent! As December is the Winter Issue we thought shooting plaid would be a fun way to go and Lawrence Covell was our first pick for the clothing. This whole shoot was shot in Charlie's 'mystery' room & garage! This mystery room seems like it may have been built as a sauna room or maybe a wine seller, regardless it worked out perfectly as a backdrop for our shoot.
Charlie Price did makeup not hair this time, however he was the creator of the head pieces. Ron Lopez of El Salon, Denver did hair and +ina picked out the clothes.
* One thing I did learn from this shoot was that if shaving cream is left too long on someones skin it can burn, so it was definitely a race against the clock to get this first shot.

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