Sunday, February 7, 2010

Michael Ensminger | Denver Artist

The instantly lovable Michael Ensminger. As soon as I met him I felt instantly at ease, like I had known him forever! This maybe because we immediately bonded over our common fascination with hoarders or maybe it was our love of photography, everything industrial and objects that are perhaps trash to some people but treasures to us.

Michael’s self portraits are exquisitely executed, the subject engaging from his series, What’s your sign?, where he takes on the persona 'Homeless Joe' to his series Zottelbart, nude self portraits in the high country in which he grew his beard for 6 years in preparation. He is a talented artist and when you are in his presence you get lost in his world.

It was an honor to photograph him. To read more about him check out this months 303 Magazine, The Art Issue!

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